I have a couple of questions. First, I had read that you can keep milk in the refrigerator for 5 to 7 days. However, it seems that more often than not my milk turns sour within a few days. I usually smell it and then taste it if it smells suspicious. Do you think it's really gone bad or does it just start to taste funny after a while? Also, I am going to be away from my baby for three feedings on Saturday. I plan to bring a manual pump with me. Is it safe to pump only twice during that time? I am going to be seeing a broadway show and it's going to be a little challenging to find time and places to pump. Also, I usually just use my manual pump to initiate a let-down and use a Medela PIS. Will the the manual pump be able to extract enough milk in order for my body to get the message to keep my supply up? I am worried about becoming too full and jeopardizing my supply. My daughter is 7.5 months old and eats about 6 times a day. Thanks!