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Thread: Playtex One-Step Breast Milk Storage Kit

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    Default Playtex One-Step Breast Milk Storage Kit

    I was wondering if anyone has tried this product and your thoughts? I'm going back to work and trying to make pumping as easy as possible. I have a medela pis advanced. They claim it works with this one. Thanks.

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    I used this system and loved it. I just wished my DS did! My DS never got the hang of drinking from a bottle, which really was OK since I'm a SAHM.

    I liked the fact that you could pump right into the bags, but it was difficult if I was pumping both sides at once to get the lids onto the things without them spilling, since they don't stand on the table (sorry I can't explain it better). I ended up pumping into rigid containers that came with the PIS and then pouring into the Playtex systems. You could also attach the rigid "sleeves" to the Playtex system to avoid this, too.


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