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Thread: Breast preference and low milk supply

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    Default Breast preference and low milk supply

    My daughter prefers my right breast more so then my left. I do alternate breasts at each feeding like you are supposed too. However, I have noticed that she never seems as satisfied from the left breast after a feeding as she does off of the right. I do know that you shouldn't determine your "supply" from when you express, but when I do express (with a hospital grade electric breast pump) I get 1 to 1 1/2 oz. out of the left breast versus 3 to 4 oz. out of the right breast. That is after waiting 3 hrs. from the last feeding too. I am taking B-Complex as a supplement and prenatal vitamins too.

    Any ideas on what is going on and how I can increase the production within my left breast?

    Thanks a million.

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    Default Re: Breast preference and low milk supply

    Big hugs to you, mommy! Aaron also prefers my right breast and I asked questions about this, too. I know it's best to try to start her off nursing at that side each time so that your breast receives plenty of stimulation to keep making milk. There are a few tricks that were suggested to me- try holding her in such a way that she thinks she's nursing from your right side (like the football hold where her face isn't laying down any particular side in case she prefers having the left side of her face on the pillow or whatever) Also, some ladies have suggested starting the baby off on your "more favored" breast and then switching which breast is in her mouth really quick. Like turn your body so that the left breast goes into her mouth but she's still in the same position.

    Another thing to try (weird positioning and you feel very awkward, but it can work!) is leaning over your LO so that she is flat on her back and your breast is dangling into her mouth. Then she's not really knowing which breast she's getting and even though you feel kind of silly, it can get her to nurse from that one. Just make sure you burp her well after this one because it encourages taking in a lot of air. Just imagine trying to lay flat on your back and drink, you know?

    Hope this helps- hang in there!


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    Default Re: Breast preference and low milk supply

    I would try block feeding. Twice on each side before you switch.

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    Hi there

    Most women find that they have one "dominant" breast that produces more than the other, even by a lot. This is fine and nothing to worry about as long as baby is getting enough to eat. http://www.lalecheleague.org/FAQ/enough.html

    You can do some things to try to increase production on that side: Offer that side first at each nursing session, pump that side between nursing sessions, or pump that side while breastfeeding on the other. But again, I want to stress that this might just be normal variance between breasts and nothing to be concerned about.
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