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    So now I know why Ds would not latch when I tried to put him to my breast the other day. We have thrush. I went to the dr's yesterday because my nipples felt and looked like a war zone, not to mention they were ichy. The dr took one look and said "yep that's thrush" and looked in Ds mouth and found a few spots as well. So we are both on nyastin to treat it.

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    sorry to hear that. dd and i battle thrush for 4 months

    the link below has some resources that may be useful to you:
    Thrush Resources

    nystatin may not be enough in some cases. i was on 2 rounds of diflucan, dd took 1 round of diflucan, 3 rounds of nystatin, and the thing that worked for us was gentian violet...messy, but it worked. you can take a probiotic like acidophilus to help...wash your bras in hot water if possible and sterilize bottles/nipples if you are using bottles.

    good luck!
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    Ugh - to me, thrush was worse than labor ! Gentian violet did it for us too. I hope it's gone soon.... don't try to live with any pain!

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