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Thread: can you reuse baby food jars?

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    Question can you reuse baby food jars?

    I know that you can freeze homemade baby food but can you reuse the jars. I hate freezing food, simply b/c it gets watery and yucky (I hate frozen veggies too). With my first son I made food daily without a problem but now that I have 2 I don't have the time. Any solutions would be appreciated!

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    Default Re: can you reuse baby food jars?

    I was totally wondering the same thing. I've been re-using mine, after thoroughly washing them and airing them dry. I hope someone has an answer for us!

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    Default Re: can you reuse baby food jars?

    I've been reusing mine. I haven't had aproblem. I prefer to use the plastic ones though...something about reusing the metal lid scares me...something I have heard someplace, sometime. Not sure what though. But I have reused them, in a pinch.

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    Default Re: can you reuse baby food jars?

    I made all of my dd's baby food and what you do is make the food and pour it into ice cube trays and cover with plastic wrap.I will try to find the website I used and post back.I would not use baby food jars they can burst and you risk glass getting in the food.As for the plastc containers they are not airtight so those are out too.
    Ok the website I used is wholesomebabyfood.com

    do a google search and you can find ton's more info.
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    Default Re: can you reuse baby food jars?

    I've read somewhere that you shouldn't use them in freezer because they can crack due to the temperature and tiny glass fractures can go into the food. I think the cubes in the link below look great, I will definitely get them once I come back from vacation

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    Default Re: can you reuse baby food jars?

    I use trays from a company called Fresh Baby, and they have lids so you don't have to worry about plastic wrap getting stuck to food. Heres the link: http://www.freshbaby.com/

    Haven't had a single problem with them. As for the baby food jars, I just use the jars to heat and serve. I also use avent bottles with their cap lids that they sell for breast milk storage. They work weell since they don't get too hot in a baby food warmer. Hope these suggestions help.

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