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Thread: Feed once or twice daily?

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    Question Feed once or twice daily?

    I just began feeding my LO solids (she's six months now). Should I feed her once or twice per day? I have just been feeding her in the mornings....

    Also, she has had bananas and avocados so far. The bananas have made her really gassy so should I hold off on them for a while? Will she grow out of that?

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    I was told by my baby's Dr. to start off with once a day and gradually increase it as baby shows more interest. Right now they are just tasting things and getting used to eatting. They still get all they need from our breastmilk.. She told me around 9 or 10 months is when I should really start thinking about seriously feeding her just so my Lo gets the Iron she needs..
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    Default Re: Feed once or twice daily?

    My baby is 5 month old and she doesn't take the bottle. So grandma feeds her cereal for breakfast and gerber jar food for lunch. Then I nurse her when I get home from work. I am afraid she is losing wieght? Any suggestions

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