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Thread: Solids, Reverse Cycler, and Supply

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    Default Solids, Reverse Cycler, and Supply

    Hello All,

    I'm a bit confused and I'm worried I'm stressing out of very normal things. My son is 6 months, we started letting him play with foods here and there at about 5 months because he was showing all the signs. If we ate in front of him and didn't at least offer him a baby fork to play with he'd get angry. He's done great, I have one of the La Leche League cookbooks which suggest some purees and so on, he likes about everything except rice cereal. He won't touch that. He'll take some oatmeal if mixed with a fruit.

    What I'm stressed about is that he's a Reverse Cycler and how this is going to impact my supply, which has seemingly taken a dip since we started solids. He rarely takes more than 5 - 7 oz. while I'm away at work from 7-4 during the day. Before solids he would nurse all evening long, we would park it on the couch for hours then after bedtime around 7:30/8:00 he'd still awake every 2 - 3 hours to nurse. He'd finish with a long nurse at 5:00 am then hold off until 9:00/10:00 AM and will refuse all bottles offered before then. We have never sent solids to daycare as we are switching to a new provider in two weeks and didn't want too much going on for our LO.

    Before solids I would easily pump about 15 oz. while at work. I single side pump, alternating sides. Now I am barely getting 10 oz. single side pumping, and have had to start to double pump to make up the difference. (I guess the difference just goes to the freezer :-)

    Anyone have as similar experience, any suggestions? Should I be worried my supply is dwindling and cut back, or is this all normal for his age?
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