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Thread: Daylight Savings Time

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    Default Daylight Savings Time

    I a moving from a state without daylight savings time to one that has it. How do you adjust your small children to their bedtimes and naps and other daily routines twice a year? I've done research on this ridiculous ritual and it makes NO sense to me. Anybody have a reason why we still participate in daylight savings time? Does it actually make anybody's life easier?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: Daylight Savings Time

    I've always had DST, but used to live near a state that didn't, so we'd have to adjust to two different time zones at times.

    As far as adjusting your kids' schedules, I'd say that it depends upon the age of your child, and whether or not the "new" time will work out better for your family. For example, my youngest wants to wake at 6 or before every day. Once the time changes, it'll be 7. That's OK by me! I have no desire to change that wake time!! If you want to change the time they go to bed, you can start the week before by putting them to bed 15 minutes earlier/later (depending on the time of year) every day or so until the time change day. Or, do what I do, and just make the jump in one day. Your kids will adjust.

    I know it's hard to change. You'll like it in the summer, though, when there's an hour extra at night to enjoy the nice weather!!


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