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Thread: Encouraging morning nap

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    Default Encouraging morning nap

    I am trying to encourage our 6 week old to take a nap in the mornings in her crib. She is generally up for the day by 7:30-8, and by 10 or 10:30, I am ready to get some things done around the house, take a shower, etc. I'd love for her to get used to sleeping in her crib for an hour or so during this time.

    She'll nurse at 10 or 10:30 and looks like she's falling asleep afterwards, so i'll go put her in her crib and play the same music we usually play at bedtime, but she wakes right up and seems ready to play some more. Sometimes I'll wear her around while I do my household chores or I'll put her in the bouncy seat in the bathroom with me while I shower and she will usually fall asleep during both of these activities, but I'd really prefer her getting used to sleeping in her crib. If I try to transfer her from the baby carrier or bouncy seat into her crib, she'll wake up and it's all over.

    She also usually sleeps the afternoon away, waking up every now and then to nurse or play for a few minutes, so by the time bedtime comes she's ready to play again!

    Does anybody have any tips on encouraging a morning nap in the crib and maybe trying to encourage a better sleeping pattern in the afternoon?

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    I feel your pain! During the day my LO will only fall asleep in the bouncy seat, swing, or my arms, and if I lay her down, she;s up again! Any advice from other mommy's will be great!!!! I have been going by the advice I was given for now, if that's where she'll sleep let her sleep LOL

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    Sorry, I don't have an answer for you. My almost 7wk old DS has similar daytime sleep pattern as yours except he doesn't even like the bouncer. Sometimes, I can get DS to sleep for a couple of hours, if I lay him on his tummy on our firm couch. Of course, I don't try to do too much because I have to watch him carefully while he is sleeping on his tummy. Still, it does allow me to have two hands free to do things like fold laundry. DS requires a lot of walking, rocking, singing in order to put him to sleep, even for a nap. If he wakes up, I have to start the walking, rocking all over again. He has always hated the crib so I was going to ask for advice on how to get him to sleep there if only at night.

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    Hi moms!

    Here's my advice....don't sweat it! At 6 and 7 weeks of age, your little ones are too little (in my opinion) to worry too much about whether or not they sleep in their cribs! I confess that my twins sometimes napped in their bouncers until well into their third month. I, too, worried that they would never want to sleep in their cribs. My youngest often wanted to nap only in my arms, and I let him.

    Anyway, for now, let your baby sleep wherever. It's really OK. You can worry about the crib thing later, when routines and schedules start to even out some more.


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    Default Re: Encouraging morning nap

    I agree with the pp
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    Hi, I was having the same problem with my 4 week old DS. We have found that swaddling him nice and tight seems to really help. I als wait until he is really asleep before transferring him from my arms. Also, if he falls asleep in his bouncy seat, we have transferred him and his bouncy seat to the crib (make sure your baby is strapped in). If nothing else, he gets used to being in and sleeping in that room. Eventually, you can transition from the bouncy seat in the crib to just being in the crib. HTH

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