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Thread: Is my 15-mo-old self-weaning?

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    Default Is my 15-mo-old self-weaning?

    DD is just about 15 mos. Since around 12 mos, she's nursed twice a day (in the morning and before bed). In the past few weeks, I've felt like I've had to chase her and get her to nurse in the evening. Sometimes I'm successful, sometimes not. More recently, she's starting to show little interest in the morning nursing (which used to be her very favorite). If I can get her in the nursing position, sometimes she'll suck a few times, then give me a light bite. (It doesn't hurt, but I think she's doing it deliberately.) Sometimes when I get her in the nursing position, she'll look at my nipple, smile, and start poking it, then tries to wiggle away.

    I *think* my period is about to start for the first time since before I was pregnant.

    So I'm trying to figure if 15 mo DD is really finished with BFing. (She's got a really healthy appetite for solids. And she loves her sippy cup!) Or could it be that because my period is coming, my milk and supply are temporarily different?

    Should I be pumping at least once a day to keep up my supply in case she decides she wants to nurse?

    Can anyone advise? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Is my 15-mo-old self-weaning?


    my bb going to be 1 next 16. I still pump once a day to keep my supply. the supply is for him breakfast cereal to mix in.

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