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Thread: Which pump?

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    Hello Ladies,

    My sister is having a baby (YEAH!) in June and will likely go back to work in September. I have a Medela PIS but haven't used it enough to know how well it works. What's the best pump out there in your opinions? Why do you like yours?


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    I have THREE PIS! I work full time, so I pump on a regular schedule, and the PIS is worth every penny. For someone pumping at work, double pumping is essential. AND, the PIS is completely automated; I was given an unused Bailey pump, and you had to roll your finger over a hole to create and then release suction, and that will not do, because sometimes you want to do something else while pumping, like type or read a magazine. Plus, I travel a lot, and I pump in the car often (all you nay sayers out there, it's much less distracting than my cell phone!), something you couldn't do with a manual or an electric that required participation. Plus, if you ever do travel somewhere and forget some part of your pump, replacement parts can be found at Target, or Medela will overnight parts.

    Your sister should check with her insurance about whether they will cover a pump. That is how I acquired mine. Oh, and she might want to seek a "second opinion" about whether it is covered by talking to a place that regularly handles insurance claims for pumps; BC/BS initially told me they wouldn't cover one without a "medical necessity" such as a premature infant, but the place I got my pump said 90% of the time they would cover one, and we coded the claim as "needed to increase supply," which wasn't a lie in my opinion because if I went back to work without pumping my supply would drop off!

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