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Thread: too late to increase milk supply?

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    Default too late to increase milk supply?

    I have a 9-month old daughter and feel like my milk supply is recently much lower. I began working part time a couple evenings a week a couple of months ago, and have not been able to pump at work due to time constraints (usually between 4-5 hours without pumping/nursing). I also started taking thyroid hormone (as I was diagnosed w/ postpartum thyroiditis), began menstruating again, and got a bad cold all within the past couple of months. I don't know how much this impacts my milk supply. My daughter has always been a great nurser and eater. She eats a variety of solids now. However, her weight gain has majorly slowed since her 6 month check up, and the doctor wants to do a recheck in a couple of weeks to see if she gains more. She is very active and has always been tall and skinny, so I have not worried too much. My problem is that I want to continue to provide her with my milk, as opposed to supplementing w/ formula/ more solids, and I am concerned I don't have as much as she needs anymore. It seems to take longer for my milk to let-down and my daughter is getting frustrated, biting, pulling off, etc. This only makes the problem worse. I try pumping after I feed her when I can, but it is frustrating too, as I do not get much milk by pumping. Any suggestions or reassurances would be very appreciated! Thank you!!

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    Default Re: too late to increase milk supply?

    how much does baby nurse at night? at 9 months it should be ok to go 4-5 hours with out pumping.

    sometimes babies are smart and will cluster feed after being gone from mom.
    lots of babies slow down in their growth when they start walking it normal!

    what are her wets and poops like thats the way to tell if baby is getting the milk/solids they need.

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    Default Re: too late to increase milk supply?

    I am right there with you! (I actually posted this similar question a couple days ago) M DS will be 9mos on Saturday and I have felt/experience all of your experiences!! I work 2 nights a week for about 5 hours and I can't pump then. Eli was sick for 10 long days and didn't nurse well. He also is in the habit of pulling on/off and nursing for much longer than he used to. I also nurse on both sides now as opposed to just one. I just made sure that for a few days in a row I nursed as often as he would let me!Total opposite of "demand feeding"...i demanded ! I wanted him to nurse almost every hour/hour and a half and I eased up on solids those days. My supply feels better now, although different (not full feeling, but I do feel "letdowns" again). I see him swallowing and his wets/poopies are up. Maybe it's an age thing? Maybe they have 9month growth spurts? I don't know...just hang in there...sounds like you'll have it worked out soon! I also tried to pump to no avail (meaning I go little to nothing after each feeding) but I do think it helped reestablish my supply (or boost it). Hope an easier time is on the way!
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