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Thread: solids and gas?

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    Default solids and gas?

    I have heard that one of the signs of allergy from solids is gas....How do you know when it's just gas or a possible allergy...??

    is this a good site for allergy signs to look for?


    sorry ladies, I rather ask a bunch of silly questions than to not ask and not know!
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    Default Re: solids and gas?

    I would think that along with the gas baby would have a sore allergy but.
    heres a good link


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    Default Re: solids and gas?

    I think that the most common allergic reaction to food is a rash all over the baby's body. I think that gas might be a common reaction, but I'm not sure that it indicates an allergy. My little guy is a little irregular and a little more gassy since starting solids, but no allergic reactions.


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