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Thread: using a nipple shield

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    Default using a nipple shield

    does anyone know if using a nipple shield affects your milk supply?

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    Default Re: using a nipple shield

    Because the baby is not directly stimulating the breast, it is possible that your supply will be affected.

    Take a look at the full article on kellymom but here is a piece,

    "Disadvantages to using a nipple shield
    Disadvantages to the nipple shield include:

    baby may get less milk if the shield is used incorrectly
    mom is more at risk for plugged ducts and mastitis (due to reduced milk transfer)
    it can be difficult to wean from the shield
    Although nipple shields should be used only after other options have been tried, it is better to have a baby on the breast with a shield than not on the breast at all!"


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    Default Re: using a nipple shield

    my LC told me that LO usually dnt get as much milk when using one so i am just echoing what the pp said.

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    Default Re: using a nipple shield

    It can be a bridge for some babies to breastfeeding off moms breasts but should be used carefully with the help of a lc.
    most full term babies do not need to use one.

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    Default Re: using a nipple shield

    I used a shield for 3 months and DS gained weight and had great diaper output so I don't think it affected my supply at all.

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    Default Re: using a nipple shield

    I used a nipple shield for the first 3.5 months of my LOs life, and he's doing just fine at 4 months. Weaned himself off and everything. I think what affected my supply was having a preemie with health problems, not pumping enough, and getting bad advice from too many people in the beginning.

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