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Thread: Is frozen cauliflower okay?

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    Default Is frozen cauliflower okay?

    I was wondering if #1 it is okay to make baby food from frozen fruit and vegetables and # 2 if cauliflower would be okay for my 7 month old? I know that it can cause gas, but I was wondering at what age cauliflower would be appropriate? I seem to be having a difficult time finding a variety of baby food that are veggies at the store. So far he has had avacodo, green beans, peas, sweet potato, banana and pears--he hasn't done well with squash and apple sauce.


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    Default Re: Is frozen cauliflower okay?

    Califlower is fine after 7months I believe...(as in that when I introduced if after I checked with Annie )

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    Default Re: Is frozen cauliflower okay?

    First off, frozen food is just fine. A lot of people prefer frozen to fresh. It is not necessary to cook right away and usually is frozen at the fruits or veggie peak so that all nutrients are at its best.

    I have given Wyatt cauliflower and he loves it. He has never been a real gassy baby so I wasn't too concerned with it. If you do try it, you could try it early in the day so that if it does effect him you won't have an unhappy baby up all night.

    Good luck and hope this helps!
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    Default Re: Is frozen cauliflower okay?

    Hi - We've used frozen veggies with DS when I can't find anything fresh that looks good. We offered him cauliflower when he was about 8 months...but probably would have offered sooner if it was something that I liked

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