That is so great. Sometimes, our DH's are like another child and we have to be careful how we treat them to get them to help out. My DH would not do anything if I did not make him do it, but once he has done it he is so proud of himself. He has been bathing the baby for probably 2 1/2 years now and she is now 3. He did not want to, but it was that or get up with her during the night like I did! LOL Now he loves it! He also has taken over all cooking and really does not want me to take over any. Men like to be in charge of something but they won't do what you don't start off making them do. Just like your children. I had to learn to speak up. My DH never wants to go to church either, so for a long time we just didn't go and it bothered me. Then I just said we are going today. He frowned at first but when he saw I was serious' he went and he was glad we had gone. The woman is truly in charge of the household, it just takes some of us longer to realize that!! We have a lot of power - let's use it!! LOL