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Thread: hands free pumpin?

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    Default hands free pumpin?

    How do you do it??? I see a lot of posts by mama's saying they are pumping while on this site. I have a Medela Pump and Style and have to use both hands to hold both whatchamacallits' to my breasts. Is there a seperate gadget we have to buy??


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    You need a hand-free pumping bra. I have the Easy Expressions bustier http://www.easyexpressionproducts.com/ I just lift up my shirt, put the bustier over my nursing bra, and I'm all set. It works great. I believe you can find directions online to make your own as well. I have pasted a link to a thread on this same topic from the fall.

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    Default Re: hands free pumpin?

    I also have a pump oin style, and my sister in law sent me her old pumping bra. I love it!!! It has made pumping so much easier -- now I generally eat while I pump (and LO is sleeping).

    It is totally worth it. You won't be sorry you got one.

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    Here's another brand I've seen:


    I have the east expressions bustier and once you get over how silly it looks it's been a godsend for me to be able to pump at my desk at work while getting work done which means fewer breaks which means getting home to LO sooner!
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    Default Re: hands free pumpin?

    If you're low on funds, as I was after 6 weeks without pay, I used ponytail holders. I posted a similar thread and got results to look at this website:


    It works for me. Good Luck!

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    Default Re: hands free pumpin?

    I was whining to my hubby "theres got to be a way to go hands free" sooo what does he do?? LOL he took the belly binder that the hospital gave me and made me a hands free device.
    SOOO redneck I know but it works great. Im a bigger gal and had to have the largest belly band anyway. The only thing I have to watch for is to not make it too tight. I leave it barely velcroed on.. Im worried it will make my milk supply low LOL BUT I worry about that on EVERYHING I do.

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    i use the little yellow bottle holders and rest those on my theighs. i am pretty hunched over, but i'm very used to it now. no spexial bra needed, just bad posture, lol

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