I promise you it will be better. I started Ep'ing at about 4 days and now dd is over 9 months.

It was hard in the begininng, especially having to pump in the middle of the night after I'd fed her. That was the first pumping session I dropped. Probably at about 3 months. Once I got a supply built up, I was able to get away from that pumping every 2 hours thing. And then, on the weekends, I was able to enjoy the occasional adult beverage, which was great.

I had a great supply built up in the fridge and freezer. I've since depleted it when I has production issues (from being sick). But I'm building it back up again.

Now, I only pump 4x a day. I could probably drop to 3, since she is on solids. But I'd rather not right now.

Regarding the blocked ducts - I had that problem a lot in the beginning. But then I realized it was because I was not pumping until completion. I get at least 2 let downs in a pumping session. And if I don't pump until I get that second let down, I will get a blocked duct.