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Thread: Refusing breast with clogged duct

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    Default Refusing breast with clogged duct

    Okay, I keep getting a clogged duct in my right breast. Once I get one cleared, another one develps. My bra's fit fine, I DO NOT wear underwire. DS will not eat from that breast, and I feel like that is contributing to the pain. This morning I woke up almose engorged and extremely sore on my right breast. I could not get him to suck on it at all. I tried expressing some milk and he latched on again and then just sat there.
    I have tried a warm shower, massaging and warm compresses but I cannot get the milk to let down. It is killing me.
    How do I get ds to nurse on that side during the day. I can usually get him to do it when he is sleeping at night.

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    my only suggestion would be to pump hon, sorry *hugs*
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