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Thread: feeding DS too much??

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    Default feeding DS too much??

    My DS has been eating solids since 4 months....as okayed by my pedi.
    Now he is 7 months and is a piglet! I was wondering how much others feed thier infants? After joining a playgroup, and hearing how much thier kids eat, I'm wondering if I'm over feeding my son. He is in 50% for weight at his six month check up.
    I give him oatmeal, mixed with 4 ounces of fruit for breakfast
    oatmeal mixed with a jar of veggie at lunch
    and oatmeal mixed with jar of veggie at dinner, and he often has a jar of dessert of fruit! I'm NOT force feeding him. I stop when he wants or loses interst.....is this too much?
    one day I tried no oatmeal with lunch and he was dying of starvation at around 4pm......he needs it to fill him up!

    ANY thoughts also on Organic vs. Regular jar food? thanks.

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    Default Re: feeding DS too much??

    How often are you nursing him? Did you cut back when you started solids? BM is the most complete nutrition you can give until at least his first birthday. If you are concerned that he's eating too many solids then cut back on them and nurse more often. At almost 10 mos DS has yet to finish a serving of "solids" which I prepare for him (or a whole jar of store bought). We started at 6 mos. I'm starting to get worried in the other direction.........

    If given an option, I always choose organic.

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