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Thread: Starting Rice Cereal

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    I've heard that theory before, but I've read on several occasions in places like kellymom that there isn't any research to back it up. I know that in families that have a strong history of allergies that solids should be delayed until 12 months, so even if it is true, I would imagine going as long as 12 months is still safe

    If you know of some research about this, I'd love to check it out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lane'smommy View Post
    Could someone fill me in on the baby led techniques? Where can I learn more? Thanks!
    Just do a search in this forum on the words Child Led or baby led and at least 50 threads will come up! The link to the study is in most of them and all our personal experiences are there as well as some pictures! PM if you need helpp find the links. I can alway find my favorite threads!

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