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Thread: Latching on their own?

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    Default Latching on their own?

    I know it will vary by baby, but when is it usually possible for babies to latch on their own without bringing their head to the breast and doing the "breast sandwich, etc?

    My son is 10.5 weeks and we've gotten into what might be a bad habit - he gets himself "set up" and sometimes it's sort of a closed mouth slurp. It doesn't hurt and I rarely have irritated nipples (sometimes a tiny inflammation on part of the tip but not a real blister) and he's definitely getting enough to eat (95th percentile on the charts). Is this all okay?

    Also, I am having some trouble getting comfortable as he gets bigger (he's around 15 lbs now). Is there anything to worry about if I often use sidelying position? Will he expect it/"get hooked" on it??

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Latching on their own?

    My 10 1/2 wk old ds like to latch on himself also. I no longer need to guide my nipple in the right direction. I do think correct latch on is important though.
    The best way to support yourself is to use pillows, a nursing pillow or a chair with arm rests. I use the lying down position first thing in the morning when we are both still sleepy. I have heard though that using that position to frequently can cause milk to build up in the ear possibly causing an ear infection.

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    Default Re: Latching on their own?

    my DD is just just turned 14wks and has just mastered latching on by herself - though she can only do this in the laying down position as this is our favoured way of feeding (gives mommy chance to read a book )

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