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    Hi I'm a newbie

    My son is 3 weeks old. Recently, he's been latching on for like 10 minutes on each side after 3-5 hours (I just don't seem to be able to wake him up for 2-3 hours feedings. I tried to tickle his feet, rub the chin, pat his butt, but he just don't seem to wake up). when he latches on his sucking is not very consistence, he sucks and then he falls asleep, and sometime he pulls it out and then relatches. Also for one feeding it take me more that 1 hour for him to get 10 minutes on each side. In the meantime he's getting enough wet diapers. Is this normal? I'm just afraid he's not getting enough. I don't know if this has to do to the fact that once or twice in the day I give him the bottle.

    Also, people are telling me different things about pumping. If I pump too much my milk supply will end. Is this true? Some people are telling me to pump after my son latches on so it can simulate the milk supply (then this would require me to pump consistency).

    Please help.

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    Hi there!
    Now, I am not an expert, but I do have a 6 month old who BF's exclusively, so hopefully I can be of some help.
    Looking back to when Autumn was just 3 weeks old, she would sometimes nurse and nurse and nurse and then sometimes she would just latch on and latch off. At that age it seemed like she was still learning...
    As long as your baby is happy and having enough bowel movements and wet diapers, I wouldn't worry too much. It might be a good idea to check with your Dr. though to make sure your son is gaining enough weight.
    As far as the bottle goes: it could be confusing your son a little...is there any way you could eliminate the bottle?
    And for the pumping thing...I work full time so I pump 3 times at work and I have never heard of pumping decreasing your supply. It is important to get a good pump that will effectively express the milk. But it's a myth that pumping will use up all your milk, because your milk supply is a supply and demand type thing. The more you pump or the more your son nurses, the more milk you'll have. Well good luck! I hope this helps a little!

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    Does your ds detatct himself or do you take him off the breast? Sometimes leaving him on the breast until he takes himself off will able him to get the hind milk he needs. If he's getting plenty of this than there should be no concernse. Sometimes bb are hungery and want to bf right after they nurse off of one breast if you nurse off of the breast that you had resently had nursed on than switch breasts after, this gives them more hind milk. I would look up in the lll web sight for info too. When I began nursing all books stated that you should nurse one side for 10 min than switch. This isn't true. Sometimes it tks 10 min for your milk to come in than after this the baby gets the first part of the milk than the hind milk than the last part. This usually took me 30 to 40 min on each side. I would try different things see what works and things do get better.

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    Sounds a lot like when my ds was 3 wo and he is now 4 mo. I was so fustrated my nursing sessions took 1 hour each time until I went to see a lactation consultant because I was about to give up. I went to a bf class before I had my ds and I remember the lactation consultant advising that you must wake the bb up every two hours for feedings for proper weight gain until a month that by then the bb will establish their own routine. Sometimes, some babies like to sleep and you have to stimulate them. I read some ways to wake a sleepy baby in the book What to Expect the First Year. Quick summary:
    -unwrap bb/unswaddling if that doesn't work undressing right down to diaper (room temperature permitting) and try skin-to-skin contact
    -change diaper
    -stroke palms and soles of feet; moves arms, etc.
    -change position

    I'm sure can find ways to wake bb on internet or even LLL FAQ's.

    But as long as there is enough dirty and wet diapers I wouldn't worry. I do agree with Autumn's mommy to see the Dr. to check the weight. I would say go once a week for 2 weeks so you can know more or less how bb is gaining.

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