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Thread: No interest to self feed

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    Default No interest to self feed

    My DD is 9 months old and she shows no interest in self feeding or eating any solids other than what comes from the jar. We still nurse and she gets 2 bottles of ebm a day along with 3 servings of jar food but should I be worried about her lack of interest? It seems that a lot of babies are already eating people food.


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    Default Re: No interest to self feed

    Hi Welcome! Don't worry, she will eat the solids when she is ready, some babies just enjoy momma's milk and there is nothing wrong with it. every baby is different and they will do things on their terms! you are doing great
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    Default Re: No interest to self feed

    have you tried just putting the 'people food' on her tray of her highchair?? let her play with it...my ds is a human vacuum cleaner....if he finds a speck on the floor, its straight to his mouth....i have pretended to drop somehitng on his tray before and he goes nuts to get it faster than me....
    try ripe avacado since the texture pretty much instantly turns to mush she might like that??
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    I wanted to add that baby-led is great and low-stress, but not the only right way. If your LO would rather be fed, go for it. You won't have to spoon feed her forever. We give messy favorites on a spoon (like yoghurt w/applesauce) while letting DD squish it between her fingers. Actually, it's funny, since she self feeds most of her other foods, she fully expects to be able to pick up the yoghurt. She's always surprised at the emptiness of her hand

    Anyway, as pps inferred, don't worry 'bout it. She'll learn if you make the food available to her, and if you and she still spoonfeed as well, that's all good, too

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