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Thread: HI ladies Anemia question

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    Default HI ladies Anemia question

    Me and my 6 month old daughter went for her check up today and her DR. said she had anemia and needed iron suppliments, i was wondering if mabe i could do something trough my diet instead of giving her supplements.

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    Unfortunately iron levels in mom's milk are not affected by the amount of iron in mom's diet or by iron supplements she may take.

    Did your doctor actually test your baby's iron levels? If so, what were her levels?

    Is your baby eating solid foods? If so, you may want to try offering foods that naturally high in iron (as opposed to iron-fortified foods, such as rice cereal). Some examples of those foods can be found here (not from an approved LLL source). As the site mentions, vitamin c helps aid in the absorbtion of the iron.

    I hope this helps

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