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Thread: Converter???

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    Lightbulb Converter???

    I wasn't sure if this question goes under "Pumping" or "Milk Storage". I have an Ameda Purely Yours pump, which collects milk in a small neck bottle. My daughter drinks out of the Avent wide neck bottles.

    Is there a piece I can buy so that I can pump directly into the Avent bottles?This would allow me to save time instead of washing and sterilizing 8-10 bottles a day.
    Seeing how my husband has never sterilized one bottle
    The most he has done is turn off the boiling pot

    Thank you so much in advance.

    although husband disapproves
    strickly pumping working mom of 4m DD
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    Default Re: Converter???

    There is an avent coverter kit made by avent. I bought mine at Babies R Us for about $10. I pump directly into my avent bottles and it saves so much time.

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    Default Re: Converter???

    Just chiming in to agree. I bought one of these sets at BRU and use it all the time. It was $10. It is such a timesaver to pump right into the bottles.

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    Default Re: Converter???

    Wow. 9 months of Ep'ing with a Purely Yours pump and feeding dd with Avent bottles and I never knew that thing existed.

    It really would have saved me having to run the dishwasher every night.

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    I bought mine online but this is the site so you can take a look at it.
    I am able to pump alot of milk and was having to change the medula bottles out mid-pumping. Now I am able to pump into my larger advent bottles and no change needed
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