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    How many companies actually have lactation rooms for moms to pump in?? I started a new part time job this month, and bless their hearts, they are unable to find me a private room for 20 minutes in which I can pump. I've been doing it in my car, which I've done a ton of times, so it's no big deal, but it's been in the 40s here in south TX and it's cold in there!!

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    Ugh - that's horrible!

    I'm fortunate to have my own office with a door that closes and locks so just pump at my desk and can usually pump while eating lunch or checking email or whatever. I think my office complex has a lactation room but I've never used it. My company's main office has a couple of privacy rooms that are designed for people being able to pump as well as do personal phone calls.
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    I work for the public library and pump in the storage room or, lately, the men's room. Women outnumber men by 5 to 1 at my branch so the men's room is in less demand. So far, I've only had a few complaints. I pump in the car too, but hate having to lug my pump in and out . I get alot of reading done in the bathroom while I pump!

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    Statistically, *very* few companies have a room dedicated to pumping/lactation. More companies are able to find a suitable location for use by their employees, but not all. Some examples of temporary lactation rooms include: offices of other employees who are out on maternity leave, storage rooms (still used for storage, just with a lock on the door), unused bathrooms, conference rooms, janitor's closets, exercise rooms, lunch rooms, break rooms, extra rooms in a hotel, and a walk-in coat closet (this was used during the summer months, cause there were no coats to store in there!).
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    I work at a hospital and they have a nice lactation room, however, one room for hundreds of employees (predominately female) means that it is seldom available at the time you need it. Nurses are pumping in empty patients' rooms and hoping ( there's no lock on the door) that nobody barges in. Not good.

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