Don't worry about the leaking. Yeah, it seems awful that that milk is going to waste, but your body will make more I leak terribly, but it does slow down. I'm 11 weeks out (or thereabouts) and it's not nearly as bad as it was at two weeks. Once your supply evens out, the leaking and periodic engorgement you describe will go away. Lisa's tip does work. I just started doing that a couple weeks ago, as I'm prone to blocked ducts, so I let it go for the first 6-8 weeks, until I stopped overproducing quite as much, but it really helps when you're out in public.

I leaked for months with baby #1, but that doesn't seem to be that common, and after awhile, it's second nature to deal with it. Just hang in there

I use the cloth diapers at night, but the best nursing pads I have found are the LANA wool ones. They can absorb a lot, and they are big so they don't shift around. Expensive, but they have been well worth it. If I have to use disposables, I like the Lansinoh ones.

It could be the formula making him gassy . . . I'd stop it. Save yourself some effort and money

Two weeks is still very, very young. They change fast. Hang in there!!