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Thread: Won't Take Pacifier

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    Quote Originally Posted by lollapin View Post
    ooh - that is tough - most people are trying to get them off the paci by the time they are older - but i feel your pain - my almost 4 month old is a comfort sucker and i told my hubby if we can get him to take the paci - i'll never take it away - haha.
    also i think some kids aren't into them no matter what u put on them. my mil (against my wishes) put sugar on my sons paci to try to get him to take it - well he took it just long enough to get the sugar off then would spit it out. she kept trying and each time he sucked just to get the sugar. so even if these things work it may be short term and my sons belly hurt and his poop was really watery - not worth it imo since he only wanted it for a short time for the sugar.
    but for an older lo what about a wubbanub type thing?
    these say for infants but you could maybe make your own somehow.

    or this elmo doll with a paci?

    maybe seeing elmo with it would encourage him

    hth - good luck
    He has two wubbanubs and no dice on those. That type of nuk was the only one he would take when he was little. Now...who knows. We have tried just about everything. He is a HUGE Elmo fan...so maybe that would help. Its funny because I got my neice ADDICTED to nukkies. She has that Elmo and sings to it while she sucks on the nuk.

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    Thank you for all the help, and sorry to spark a debate! I think I agree with those who mentioned that a pacifier might be a short term help but will end up being a new problem. I'll just try and stick it out until my daughter grows out of this.

    Thanks for the great advice!

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    My LO did not seem so interested in paci's as well, but I was all too often acting as her paci. I tried varies pacifiers (Nuk, Mam, Soothie) of varies textures (latex and silicone). We had the best of luck with the soothie, but it was far from success. She was quite content with my finger as her paci. So, I tucked the Soothie in my bra one night. The next time I offered it to her she was a little more receptive to it. After a couple of weeks, I welcome the chance to hand her off with her paci if only for a few minutes.

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    At about 4/5 mo. my son stopped showing interest in the pacifier and up to that point he hardly took it at all. they are now used as toys. FWIW I wouldn't force anything on a baby. They'll either take one or they won't JMO
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