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Thread: Trouble with solids

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    I introduced solids to my little one after she was 6 months old in a very gradual manner. She was doing cereal for a couple of weeks and then started veggies and fruits, and even now at 8 months she is still only doing first foods.

    When she was eating only breastmilk, she was a very healthy happy child - she would have gas every now and then, but it didn't seem to bother her. Ever since we started the solids, she has had one episode of diarrhaea, one episode of vomiting and several episodes of constipation. Any suggestions on what we can do to help her tender tummy?

    She's also a very very picky eater - the little stinker has even learnt to laugh with her mouth closed when we feed her so that we won't be able to get the spoon in there! I am worried because folks say that by now baby should be eating all sorts of stuff and she is really not. What might be a good method to start her on more interesting foods like we eat? I mean with more interesting flavours and texture? We are terrified that anything but purees is going to be a choking hazard, but this is our first and we still don't know how to push the limits.

    Any advice would be very welcome. Thanks!


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    Even though you have introduced slowly, it could still be allergies. Have you kept tabs on what you are feeding her and the reaction? What types of foods is she eating? Did you introduce things one at a time? What kind of cereal are you feeding her? Some cereals also have soy in them and that is a very common allergen. She should be old enough to be allowed to feed herself. Have you tried giving her finger foods that she can pick up and eat herself? A lot of babies like the independence of feeding themselves. If you start out with appropriate foods and monitor her, choking shouldn't be such a worry. But until you figure out her tummy troubles, I would not try anything new. I would backtrack and see if you can determine what is causing her problems. Most likely it is something she is eating. If you give some more info, maybe we can help more. You can also visit the allergy forum.

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    Don't feel that you're in any way behind at 8 months. My son didn't start to eat at all until he was 8.5 months. He refused purees, and finally started eating once I offered him soft chunks of butternut squash that he could pick up and self feed. I don't worry about choking- I watched him like a hawk at first, but he made it clear from the start that he knew how to chew and swallow from watching us do it. Now, at 11 months he's a bottomless pit! Your baby is simply going at her own rate.

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    just wanted to add quick too....if she has her mouth closed its probly best not to trick her into opening it to get food in.....shes not going to get that much that way anyway and its her way of telling you she doesnt want it....i would stop completely for a week.....also...are you nursing like an hour beforehand? then dont put the food in her mouth....put a little on her lip and let her taste it....she might be more responsive if she knows she wont be getting a big spoonful through out the entire meal.....let her respond for more...or cut up some avacado that is so soft she can put it in her mouth herself and mush it up to the same consistency as pureed w/i seconds.... my ds is 9.5 months and just now does he open up (sometimes) for big bites....otherwise he is content feeding himself or having little tastes of stuff like applesauce or pears or whatever is too soupy to pick up
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