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Thread: Dislike feling of breastfeeding, Baby not eating properly?

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    Default Dislike feling of breastfeeding, Baby not eating properly?

    I kind of have two problems. One could posibly be caused by the other i'm not sure. My Daughter Monica had alot of difficulties starting to breastfeed. We finally got through but the latch isn't quite perfect yet....we're working on it.
    Monica was a really good eater for the few days after we got the hang of things. Sucking well and mostly emting both sides at one feeding. Now the past few days she screams and acts like she's hungry only to just hold my breast in her mouth or soothe suck at the most. Then she falls asleep (no matter how we try to keep her awake) not having really eaten at all. Then she wakes up 10-30min later because she's hungry. What can I do to break this nasty cycle?

    The other problem is, I HATE the sensation of the breastfeeding. It kind of tickles and grates on my nerves. Especially the soothe sucking! I find myself wanting to scream out of sheer torture, dreading feedings. I didn't find it like this before. Could it be her latch? Could it be fatigue? With this nasty cycle I've gotten virtually no sleep. Or is it my sensetive nerves and i'll never like it? What do I do? I love my daughter so much and I would really like her to be breastfed but Can I stand the torture? HELP!

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    Default Re: Dislike feling of breastfeeding, Baby not eating properly?

    Okay, deep breath. It sounds like you want to keep breastfeeding but are just going through a difficult spell.

    How old is your baby now? Is she gaining weight? Since she started this new behavior at the breast, nursing so frequently but not apparently nursing well -- how is her diaper output?

    There are only two really critical elements to a good latch: the baby transfers milk well (getting it out of your breast and into your tummy); and it doesn't hurt mom.

    What you are describing may not be outright pain, but it sounds intensely uncomfortable and irritating. I think most nursing moms have occasional feedings where they hate the sensations of breastfeeding and want to crawl out of their skin -- but if it is happening with every feeding over a period of days, then that suggests to me that something needs to be fixed.

    What does your nipple look like after she nurses? Any change in shape or color?

    Whatever is going on, do take heart -- you two have already overcome hurdles to breastfeed, and you will again get back to a place where you enjoy breastfeeding (at least most of the time). If she nursed well before, it's much more likely that she will nurse well again. Give us some more information, and we will try to help you figure this out.

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    Default Re: Dislike feling of breastfeeding, Baby not eating properly?

    So sorry that you are having such a hard time, Rebbecca had some great advice. Do you have a local LL league group that you can go to? Best of luck!

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