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Thread: Questions about pumping...

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    In a fortnight, I get back to work and I will try to pump in order to keep breastfeeding my DD (she'll be 4 months old).
    I have an Avent Isis IQ Uno and I've tried to pump four or five times without much success... I think I must be doing something wrong and here are my specific troubles...
    First of all, when I pump, it seems that I get a flow from only one or two pores (the smallest...), while drops of milk appear on the other ones but don't get sucked into the pump and just remain there. Is it bad positionning? I've tried to move the pump around, but my breasts are quite small and often soft, so I haven't got a huge margin...
    I also have to bend forward when I pump... If I don't, the milk just drips down on my breast (and underneath the rubber cushion) and does not get in the bottle either... Not very comfortable...

    Any help or advice would be welcomed! I really don't want to wean my DD so early, but I am getting pretty anxious about this... TIA!

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    your milk shouldn't drip out of the chambers if it's fitting properly???

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    I have no idea of the pump you have....But when I rented my pump, I ended up having to get a larger size flange and using Lanolin on my nipples. Helps kind of lubricate and form a seal. Also prevents soreness from friction.

    Yeah my first impression of breast pumps is that they are not designed that great. The angle seems to tilt wrong but you get used to it. If you're really into pumping you can buy a nursing bra to fit the cones and then not have to worry about holding them. There are also straps made to fit them but I think they're expensive.

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