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Thread: 9 month old ear infection/teething refuses to nurse

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    Default 9 month old ear infection/teething refuses to nurse

    My 9 month old has had a high fever the last two nights and suddenly became congested so I took him to see the doctor and he has an ear infection. It is too uncomfortable for him to nurse. I try every position. He will try to nurse standing up but quits after a few seconds because he can't breathe and its hurts his mouth. I tried giving him milk in a sippy cup today and he only drank about 4 oz total. He has been given a lot of tylenol, amoxicillin, and motrin by a dropper lately and is refusing it so the use of a dropper is out. He pushes away a cup when I try to give it to him.
    I haven't tried using a bulb thing to try to clean out his nose. Any advice? Just how long can he go without much fluids? Worried

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    Default Re: 9 month old ear infection/teething refuses to nurse

    Oh, the poor baby, and poor worried momma. With the congestion, ear infection, and teething, your nursing relationship has had a triple whammy.

    You absolutely need to get fluids into him. Are you seeing any sign of dehydration yet? (reduced/dark urine, no tears when crying, skin doesn't bounce back when gently pinched out, etc.)

    I was always reluctant to hose out my son's nose. But there were times when that is what I should have done, to help him nurse through illnesses. The Baby Book by Dr. Sears gives good instructions on how to do this, with saline and the bulb syringe. You can also follow that up with spells in a steamy bathroom, and use a vaporizer in whatever room he sleeps in. He will hate the hose-the-nose procedure, and you will feel traumatized and horrible, but if it helps get him back on the breast it will be worth it.

    I think ear infections often coincide with teething -- my theory is that the teething inflammation can interfere with usual drainage in the ear canal ... creating conditions for an infection to set in and cause more inflammation and congestion. When my son was cutting his first-year molars, he had a double ear infection that persisted through 2 rounds of antibiotics and only cleared up when his molars finally erupted.

    Good luck -- hope he is feeling much better and nursing normally again very soon.


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    Default Re: 9 month old ear infection/teething refuses to nurse

    Your poor guys is getting triple whammied.

    For teething , I use homeopatic chamomile or homeopatic teething tablets.
    Either one works well.
    They are tiny tablets that disolve in baby's mouth.
    During teething times, life was much better once someomne told me about those.

    Also one of my guys really liked a frozen wash cloth to chew on when teething.

    For the congestion, I swear by Kerry's Herbals Vapor Salve.
    It is a wonderful salve with essential oils to open up clogged passageways and makes breathing easier so baby can nurse.
    Just a tad of the salve on the nose and soon baby can breathe.
    A true lifesaver in our house as the children have had a lot of colds in their lifetimes.

    As for the ear infection, I would suggest reading the book Healing Childhood Ear Infections: Prevention, Home Care, and Alternative Treatment by Dr. Michael A. Schmidt

    My husband and I both had chronic ear infections as children and so I figured our children would also.
    I discoved this book when my first born was 11 months old and was on his second ear infection.

    I found it very interesting that this doctor was doing a worldwide study on the use of antibiotics in treatment for ear infections.
    It seems many countries could not participate in the study because they do not believe prescribing antibiotics for an ear infection is even a valid choice.

    At the time, I did not know anything about alternative medicine, but found it very interesting that other countries might think that an everyday occurance, here, (abx for ear infections) is not a sound medical choice.

    It got me thinking and researching.

    We use mullien oil as ear drops for ear issues.
    These drops are good for loosening over abundant ear wax, soothing an earache, and fighting ear infections.
    The only time i do not use them for ear issues is if the ear drum has burst.
    Never put anything in an ear when the eardrum has burst.

    I am a strong advocate for doing your own research. I have given you ideas of what my family does, but you need to research what is right for your family.

    I hope that your baby is well soon.

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