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Thread: My baby b/f and is above 99 percintile

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    Question My baby b/f and is above 99 percintile

    Am I breastfeeding too much? Everything I read says to breastfeed on demand, and I do. Kaylee is 6 months old and weighs 21 1/2 pounds! She was born at a normal, healthy weight of 7 pounds 13 ounces. She looks soo huge now. I don't really know what to do about it, or even if I should do something about it. I have a very hard time with her falling asleep, nursing is the only way she will. Is that maybe what is making her gain so much weight. She usually gains a pound and a half a month. Any suggestions or is there anyone out there with the same problem?

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    Default Re: My baby b/f and is above 99 percintile

    Hi Alissa, I replied to you here: http://www.lalecheleague.org/vbullet...ead.php?t=1509

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    When my oldest was a baby, he gained a pound per week until he was 26 pounds.
    I was doubting myself and not trusting my insticts that breastfeeding was meeting his needs, because of a few well meaning but uninformed people in my life.
    Their comments were hurtful and well........ just awful as I was a new mom committed to breastfeeding.

    The ped. assured me that breastfed babies grow at their own pace just as they were designed to do.
    She assured me that I could feed my baby on demand and trust him to know what he needed.
    He got huge! He was beautiful and healthy and oh so happy.

    He started to roll, crawl and walk on time and stayed 26 pounds for the next year and a half.
    He grew taller and older and was healthy and just the right height and weight that he was meant to be.

    It was helpful to "shut the comments up" by mentioning that his ped. was very comfortable with his growth and my parenting style...(breastfeeding on demand)

    I hope that you can come to trust yourself and your baby.
    A fat, chunky, plump, huge, (feel free to fill in any word or comment you have been hearing or thinking....let me tell you, I heard them all) baby that is that way by being breastfed on demand and fed healthy and appropriate food choices at the appropriate age is just the way he or she is meant to be!

    To give you an idea....
    My first son wore 12-18 month outfits at 11 weeks.
    My second son wore the same outfit when he was two years.
    My third son and first daughter have also had this large tendency.

    I found that the comments from others stopped quickly when I was confident in my parenting .

    Best to you and your lovely baby.

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