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Thread: pumping to build up a storage supply

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    Default pumping to build up a storage supply

    I am wanting to start pumping to build up some reserves. How do I go about this? My son is 7 weeks and gaining great- how do I ensure that he still gets what he needs? I guess I am wondering when to pump, for how long, etc. and how much I should be expecting to collect when I do pump. Thanks.

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    Morning pumping is best, get up 30 min beofer baby and pump until the steady stream stops (or you can get up an hour earlier and pump a full session) full session time depends on the type of pump. I always recommed Ameda Purely Yours. I have used Medela Lactina, PIS, Ameda Purely Yours, the Ameda Hospital grade, Advent (several kinds, but not the new IQ), Whisper Wear (horrible experience) and Whittlestone. My best results (most milk, quickest) was with the Purely Yours, and it isn't nearly as expensive as a PIS.
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