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Thread: I want to wean to breast milk in a bottle

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    Exclamation I want to wean to breast milk in a bottle

    I am having huge problems!
    My baby is 6 months old, and I want to give her breast milk until she is a year or two old. Up until now I have exclusively breastfed. I have just started her on solids and she loves it! The problem I am having is that I would love for her to take breast milk from a bottle, so that I can drop her off at families and so I can have a little more feedom. But she ABSOLUTELY will NOT take a bottle. She acts offended. I have tried so many different things, my dh has also tried to no avail. Today was aweful because she likes to suck before she falls asleep and that is another thing I want to get away from (i want to get away from this bc she is 21 1/2 pounds) so I tried everything possible to get her to fall asleep without sucking. She doesn't take a bottle or passifier so I tried walking bouncing singing rocking, etc.... She screamed for an hour and a half!!! It killed me inside. She was looking at me and trying to suck my cheeks or any flesh she could get her lips on, it was sooo sad, I even started crying because I have no idea if I am doing the right thing or not. I never want to make my baby cry like that. I have no idea if her weight is bc she feeds for comfort or if it is just genetics. I am so confused I don't know what to do, does anyone have any advice???

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    Some breastfed babies never do take a bottle. At six months, you can try a sippy cup -- maybe one with a soft spout? If it is offered to her the same way she gets solids (in a highchair, for example), then it may not "offend" her by being such a poor imitation of the nursing she loves so much, know what I mean?

    About the nursing to sleep -- my son never took a pacifier and almost always nursed to sleep. Comfort nursing isn't going to make your baby fat. Babies and young children really do have a need to suck; it is calming and soothing, helps them feel safe, helps them deal with stress or unfamiliar things. If you don't want to nurse her down to sleep, I guess you could encourage her suck her thumb ... but that can eventually cause problems of its own, so I would advise you to just nurse her on cue; she knows what she needs.

    Don't worry about her weight. If she is getting most of her calories from breastfeeding, and if the solids she eats are wholesome and nutritious, then you aren't setting her up for obesity -- quite the opposite, in fact. Many bf babies follow a different growth pattern -- packing on the pounds early, and then slimming down as they get more mobile. This was definitely my son's pattern -- he started at 9 lbs and grew SO FAST that he wore 3mo clothing at 6 weeks, and 6mo clothing at 3 mos, and so on. Just before he turned 6 months old, he learned how to scoot on his tummy, and from that point on his weight gain slowed down dramatically. He went from 95th %iles to 50th %ile very quickly, and has stayed there ever since.

    I can certainly understand your desire for a little more freedom. It will be nice when you can leave your daughter with family for a little while. At six months -- trust me, you're almost there, hon! That mother-infant 24/7 attachment is SO intense ... if you can hang in there and meet her needs now, you'll be amazed at how easily she will separate from you when she is ready. Try the sippy cup, and go ahead and let her nurse for comfort -- you've laid all the groundwork already, so try to just stay the course for a little longer, and it will pay off before long.


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    Default Re: I want to wean to breast milk in a bottle

    Some mothers find a sling to be a very helpful tool for the attached breastfeeding baby. You can take your baby anywhere that you go in it and you can nurse discreetly as well!

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