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Thread: Onion milk??

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    Default Onion milk??

    My df gives our lo a bottle of expressed milk every morning (off topic - it's such a good bonding time for them. When they come back to bed, she has to be all snuggled up with her daddy. Too cute ).

    This morning, the bottle df made had a very strong odor. Not a sour smell, but definitly not normal. I tried it, and it tasted fine. The milk was 2 days old, and the only thing I can think of that I ate differently that day was this dish my df's mom makes - beef, cheese and onion in a pie shell, not the most appetizing dish imo. I'm not a fan of onions and rarely eat them, so could the little I ate have got into my milk that fast? Should I disgard this bottle? I don't want my lo to have a belly ache. TIA

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    Default Re: Onion milk??

    I bet it will not bother her tummy

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    If you don't eat onions very often, I'd be willing to bet that the odor or taste could be apparent in your milk. But as Andrea said, I doubt it will hurt her tummy. Do what you think is best, go with your gut, as they say.

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