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Thread: B/F a 19 month old, ? about weaning

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    Default B/F a 19 month old, ? about weaning

    Hi Ladies, i am still b/f my now 19 month old. I really want to wean because i want to get pregnant again and need to go on fertility meds, but love the bond i share with my daughter. She is so attached to the boob. She generally nurses to nap and bedtime. And we cosleep so sometimes she wakes for a snack. I was weaning her around 16 months becasue i was pregnant it was going well,then i had a miscarriage and my milk came back full force which made DD want it even more. So here is the problem, dd never took a pacifier, does not have a comfort object and refuses to take a drink of milk when she is thirsty. The boob has becoming such a habit she needs it to put herself to sleep. I do not believe in the crying it out, but have let her cry a little while i rubbed her back and told story's anyone have any advice on weaning? I tried telling her they are sleeping or mom's boobies are closed LOL, but she just trys to lift up my shirt? Uggg. thanks in advance

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    Default Re: B/F a 19 month old, ? about weaning

    Since is it is not an "emergency" weaning, I'd like to suggest that you pick up a copy of "How Weaning Happens" either from LLLI's website or your local LLL group (they should have it). It is really a wonderful book with all sorts of tips on how weaning happens at different ages, stages and with different methods.

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