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Thread: 5 month old with TEETH!

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    Default 5 month old with TEETH!

    Hi All,

    My daughter, Emily, has started cutting teeth (two on the bottom and one on the top) and this morning she bit me. That was a sensation I would definitely prefer not to experience again. Does any one have tips on how to gently teach my girl that biting Mommy is a bad idea?



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    Hi Erin!

    Those little teeth can be pretty sharp, can't they? I'm so glad you've decided to take a gentle approach to teach her to not bite!

    Some mothers find that letting the baby chew on a cold teething toy or a cold washcloth right before nursing helps satisfy that urge to bite down. Watch for biting cues (some mothers notice a certain facial expression or the baby will bite at a certain time during the feeding) and have a finger ready to quickly unlatch. You can also gently, but firmly say "no bite". If she continues to bite, sometimes removing them from the breast and your lap quickly helps to convey the message the biting is not okay. If she becomes upset at the interruption, pick her back up and comfort her. And of course, if she's still hungry, relatch her and try feeding again. Hopefully just one or two interruptions will be enough to convince her to stop biting!

    Hope that helps!
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    My 8 MO got 2 bottom teeth at 6 months. For some reason she only recently decided to start trying them out on me. Just recently she chomped down on me, so I took her off, looked her in the eye, and told her "no, don't bite mommy." She made the funniest pouty face, with her bottom lip out and everything. It was all I could do not to laugh and ruin my attempt at "disciplilne." Fortunately, she realized pretty quickly that she was still hungry and didn't try it again. Most people I know have been fortunate to have the same luck with just a few times of saying "no" and taking the baby off for a few seconds. They figure out that they want milk and don't want it interrupted!

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    My son did this to me many times. Usually when he wasn't actively nursing, or when he was mostly asleep. Keeping a finger ready help, and if he was drowsing I would keep him pulled in closer. It is harder to bite down when you mouth is full

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