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Thread: Dental work

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    Question Dental work

    I have to get a filling at the dentist Monday-my first ever . Do you know if a local anesthetic or anything that is used for the filling is harmful in breastmilk? Anyone with experience in this area?



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    Default Re: Dental work

    I don't know either, but also have to have dental work done including a crown! I've put it off for a long time and should have it done. Still nursing my son at 6 months...would like to know, too!

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    I had dental work - including a root canal filling and a crown - when DD was 6 weeks old. The dentist said the local anaesthetic doesn't enter the breast milk as it doesn't enter your blood stream (or at least, a very very tiny amount). It's best to tell your dentist you're breastfeeding anyway as I think there are different types of anaesthetic and if he wants to prescribe antibiotics for any reason then I know there are some that aren't compatible with nursing. (also, I'm in England so maybe we have different anesthetics over here...!)

    I actually found that the stress of having dental work affected feeding more than anything else - I had to sit in a dentist's chair for an hour while someone else looked after my baby for the first time!!!

    Good luck with the work - hope it's over quickly...


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