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Thread: how long can milk stay out of fridge??

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    Question how long can milk stay out of fridge??

    My LO had a dr appt today, so I had to pick him up early from daycare. I sent 3 bottles, knowing he would probably only need 2, but I always send an extra one for "just in case". Anyway, He only drank 2 bottles and I nursed him when I got there. I left daycare and went straight to the dr's office and then came straight home after the appt. The bottle of milk that wasn't drank was out of the fridge for about 2 hours. Is that milk still okay or am I going to have to dump it?? TIA!!

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    Default Re: how long can milk stay out of fridge??

    Was the milk still cold? If so, it would probably be safe to feed. Just be sure to give it the smell/taste test to be on the safe side. If the milk was any bit of warm, it might be best to write it off as a loss.

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