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Thread: bottle feeding EBM question...

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    My daycare provider gives my daughter (3.5 mo/11lbs) about 4oz/feeding, 3x in 9 hours. Does this seem like enough to you all? She says that my lo finishes the bottle. But I'd always thought you should give enough so they leave a little in the bottom of the bottle. ...
    She's not gaining as fast as she used to (dropped from 25th percentile to about the 15th)...so I'm wondering if that could be it.

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    My LO would drink a gallon if you would have let him. He would drink whatever was put in front of him. My daycare provider just had to look for cues that he was getting full. When he would start to slow down drinking or taper off, she would quit feeding him. I'm not suggesting that you do that, but watch your baby. Does she seem satisfied with this amount? Is she still fussy or nuzzling looking for more to eat? If you think she's still hungry, ask your daycare provider to give her more and see how she tolerates it. My best advice is to follow your baby's cues.

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