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Thread: other mothers milk or formula?

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    Question other mothers milk or formula?

    Well Ive been back to work since October, only two days a week. My son is 6mo. now and I had a pretty good milk supply built up before i went back. About a month ago I got the flu. My supply dried up for about three whole days, then slowly built back up. In that time my frozen supply went down to nothing. Now when I take my son to the sitter those two days a week I hardly have enough milk for him, should I start using my girlfriends milk or is formula more safe. I know she is very healthy but Ive read the the information on milk sharing and it didnt sound too positive. It would becoming from her frozen supply not wet nursing. Very torn, just want what is best for his little body.

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    Default Re: other mothers milk or formula?

    In general, mother's milk is infinitely better for infants than formula. This is speaking for the general population, however, not necessarily in your situation.

    Some mothers ask that the mother who is donating her milk to have medical tests done to show that there is nothing bad in her system.

    You'll want to do what is right for *your* family, not what has worked for others. How do you feel about working to increase your supply, so that you can continue to provide your own milk to your son? There are many ways to increase your supply - get a better pump (rent one for a month or so?), pump more often, pump for longer periods, nurse more often when you are with baby, herbs that sometimes help with milk supply, even some prescription medications that have a side effect of increasing supply for some women. There are many things you can try to increase your supply. Read here for more info: http://www.lalecheleague.org/NB/NBmilksupplyissues.html
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