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Thread: tea called Mother's Milk

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    Question tea called Mother's Milk


    I saw tea in the health food store called Mother's Milk. It claims to be good for lactation and increasing milk supply. Is anyone familiar with this product? Have you tried it? Is it safe? And, does it increase milk supply?


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    Red face Re: tea called Mother's Milk

    I have been drinking the tea for about 1 week and I have noticed an increase, not a huge one but some is better than none. I would say that I noticed an increase of about 2 ounces in my morning pumping session and about an ounce or so in my afternoon pumping. Hope this helps!

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    Smile Re: tea called Mother's Milk

    Hi there!
    I started drinking the mother's milk tea as soon as I was able to drink something after my c-section. My milk came in on day 4. I still drink the tea every now and then. I am expecting #2 in September, and I will for sure take the mother's milk tea with me to the hospital.

    I would mix the mother's milk tea with the raspberry leaf (supports the female system). The brand I used was Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother's Milk and Traditional Medicinals Organic Raspberry Leaf. The only reason I mixed the two was I didn't like the taste of the mother's milk, so the raspberry helped.

    The box says to drink one cup 3-5 times daily throughout your nursing experience.

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    Default Re: tea called Mother's Milk

    I have been drinking this tea since I gave birth, so I am not sure if it has increased my supply or not. I don't usually drink the recommended # of cups per day. I have one maybe two cups per day, and I don't let it steep for 15 minutes like the directions say. I'm not crazy about the taste and like it even less when it is really strong, but I might try mixing it with another tea blend like the PP said to see if I like it better as. My milk came in on day 3, and I have had plenty of milk thus far. My breasts don't usually feel full, but my little guy sure does gulp when he is nursing!

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    Default Re: tea called Mother's Milk

    I got a free sample of the tea from the LLL meeting I attended a few wks ago. I then went out and bought some because I do like the taste of it with a bit of honey. So far I don't have any supply issues but I've been having a cup a day to keep me away from the desserts.

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