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Thread: Back to Work the Night Shift

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    I just went back to work and I work Nights. Fortunately I work 3 12 hour shifts so my Emily is sleeping while I'm working. I try to pump 3-4 times a night. But I usually do not breastfeed at night (We sleep 10-12 hours a night!) I'm worried about messing up my supply. Going from pumping at night to nothing at all. I chose not to have day care, I am caring for Emily when I get home, waking up to nurse her, but I am interested in building up my nighttime supply and not losing it when I'm not working. Any suggestions?

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    I'm also working 12 hour nights. First let me say you are SO LUCKY to have your lo sleeping so well!!!!
    I usually pump 2-3 times per night at work. However, my lo nurses through the night as well. I'm sleeping some through the day and having dh bring him in to nurse. Your body will adjust and your production should be fine. There are many days that I'm sleeping and dh will take the kids out with him so I end up not nursing as much through the day as I usually would. So far it hasn't affected my supply not nursing through the day, so you should be fine not nursing through the night. Sometimes I meet myself coming and going working nights, but somehow my body has figured out how to deal with it!!!
    Good luck going back to work!!!

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