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Thread: Is it best to let LO come off on his/her own or...

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    Default Is it best to let LO come off on his/her own or...

    I'm guessing that letting LO come off on his/her may help to avoid oversupply or an overactive let down, since my body will learn to produce what it needs to for the baby.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Being that it will be my first time breastfeeding, I rather just focus on diaper output, than on the time he/she spends on my breast...but of course if he/she is only on for a short time, I will try to encourage him/her to latch on again.
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    Default Re: Is it best to let LO come off on his/her own or...

    Every baby is different, but by the time my son was about 4-5 days old he was nursing on just one breast at a time and only for about 10 minutes each time. I was lucky and not bogged down by nursing as other women often are with feedings that go on for hours when they're new. I would though, watch diaper output and let them come off the breast on their own.
    Good luck- you're almost there!

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    Default Re: Is it best to let LO come off on his/her own or...

    Nywifey - less than 2 days to go! I'm excited for you, and can't wait to hear how everything goes once the baby is born.

    Good on you for learning so much about motherhood and breastfeeding before you embark upon the greatest challenge of your lifetime. I'm sure you'll do great - just trust your instincts, and if you have any questions jump online and there are hundreds of women who have likely already been through whatever you are going through.

    Let your LO feed as often, for as long as they want, and you'll do great! Don't limit or restrict feedings, and unless your LO is not gaining sufficiently, never wake a sleeping baby! (I used to wake my LO until I learned this important lesson, and my son is FAR easier to manage when he is well rested).

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