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Thread: Problems Latching my Baby...

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    Default Re: Problems Latching my Baby...

    I think there is a wealth of knowledge and I just wanted to offer some support.
    My first DS was the perfect nurser... many years later... DD didn't properly latch on for 15 weeks!
    I was determined to nurse, I went to a place locally that is called The Nursing Station and they helped get me straightened out... My encouragement to you is please seriously consider some of the above mentioned suggestions you will be so glad you did.

    *also watch if you are consuming any caffeine.. it increase my milk supply those first few days* (I ate some chocolate)

    keep us updated

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    Default Re: Problems Latching my Baby...

    Hi! I know this time is tough. You are probably going through a lot emotionally as well. Birth is traumatic. I know it's cliche, but this too shall truely pass. Keep trying to breast feed--- you and your baby will both be glad you did.

    A couple of hints/ suggestions:

    1. Try using cold cabbage leaves in your bra. It will both sooth you and the enzymes will help reduce engorgement.
    2. Manually express milk in a warm bath or shower.
    3. Massage your breasts as you nurse.
    4. Nurse often- at least every two hours, if not more. Tuck your darling baby in to bed with you and sleep when she sleeps, nurse while awake.
    5. My son had a hard time opening his mouth. I found that if I just tugged a little on his chin he would open up more. Don't be suprised if you have to do it several times a feeding, but she will catch on.
    6. Try the football hold-- cradeling your baby under your arm with her feet towards your back and your hand supporting her head. This will help you control her head and let you see what she's doing.
    7. It's OK to cry! Let those emotions out and get hugs.
    8. Go to the next La Leche League meeting or call a leader. They are there to encourage, support, and help you!
    9. Buy The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. This book is a great resource.

    I hope this helps. In a few months, you'll be able to look back and smile remembering how this tiny little being changed your life so wonderfully in an instant.

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    Default Re: Problems Latching my Baby...

    Cabbage can be helpful, but don't use too often as it can reduce milk supply.

    How are you doing? I haven't seen a update!

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    Lots of great advice and it all makes sense! I'm so glad that you came to this site for help. Please try to get through this & you will be so glad that you did. Many babies have a tough time latching on when your milk comes in. You are not alone in this.

    express a bit to lessen the engorgement before nursing, this will allow baby to latch on further.
    "cross-cradle" worked best for me because i had to support her head/neck & my breast.
    It helped me to compress the breast a bit in back of the aerola to help get my dd latched on (think "nipple sandwich") using a "c" hold or a "u" hold depending on which direction her little mouth is opening
    Don't be afraid to wait for a nice wide open mouth
    She will get frustrated when starting to latch because she is hungry. Have a helper (spouse, relative, friend) stand next to you to help watch her position & keep her hands clear of her face.

    Above all else, get a "cheerleader" - experienced friend, LC, LLL leader, etc. Nothing helps more than another warm body with experience

    Keep us posted, we care and wish you much love,

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    All this advice has been great. I just wanted to add that if you do get desparate and need to give her some breastmilk that you've pumped, try giving it with a spoon or syringe. This will give her the needed nourishment but will help avoid nipple confusion.

    Then once she isn't quite so hungry, try latching on in the bath tub. You'll both be more relaxed there in the warm water and things may go more smoothly. The warm water will likely help with your letdown and you can soften the nipple by expressing a little out.

    I had trouble with my first with engorgement right after my milk came in. He couldn't latch because my breasts were so hard and swollen. The tub worked wonders for us.

    Another little thing, sometimes they will accept the breast more readily if you express a bit out on the nipple for them to taste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CherryBomb
    Those first few weeks can be rough!

    The best thing you can do is NO BOTTLES! It might seem like a help at the time, but for such a little baby, it can cause so many problems, and it's just not worth the risk. The best thing to do is nurse her on demand. If you need to pump a little to relieve engorgement, that's okay, but don't pump too much. YOu can try hand expressing a little before a feed, as well.

    Anyway, it sounds like she's getting nipple confused. With a bottle she doesn't have to open up as wide and can just suck off the tip, which is what it sounds like she's trying to do.

    kellymom.com is one of my favorite bfing resources, here's a few links from there-


    Also contact your local LLL if you haven't already. Often, as mentioned above, leaders are willing to come help you in person.

    Good luck, keep us updated!
    I agree.

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    The only thing that got me through the first two weeks was a nipple shield. Elisabeth would just scream if I tried anything else. The shield not only helped her latch properly, it also protected my poor, abused nipples somewhat. After that first two weeks, I gradually weaned her off of them, and now she's nursing beautifully, although she does tend to bite pretty frequently.

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    Default Re: Problems Latching my Baby...

    Hello everyone,

    I first wanted to thank all of you from the deepest part of my heart, all of your support and help has been very helpful.

    My daughter is latching on, and the engoregement is not so bad as before.
    Since my husband has gone back to work, I've had time to work one-on-one with my baby. Now almost on que, when I tell her to say "Ahhh" she knows it's time to open up and enjoy.

    I have to say that persavearance, and knowing that I'm not alone, and some simple soothing techniques can take you a long way.

    Again, thanks for all your help, and now I feel more confident to know I have a group of peers that can guide me, and later on I can also return the favor.

    A Loving Mom duing much Better.

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    Default Re: Problems Latching my Baby...

    That is FANTASTIC news! Congrats! Thanks so much for giving an update.

    I hope things only continue to get better for you!

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