I don't knoe if this is the right place to put my threat. I have good news bt i don't know how to deal with it. Lydia started bfing and taking a bottle with EBM since she was 4 days old. Since then i was nursing, giving bottle and pump every time sometimes 10 times. After day 40 i went back to work so one feeding was exclusivelly bottle with EBM. Since 4 months her feedings were 5 and she was sleeping long time at night. During Christmas Lydia seemed to be ok with bottle after the first feeding, early in the morning and then the next Breastfeeding seemed to be enough for her. Now we give her a bottle with my milk after the 2 last breastfeedings and the quantity is 2 the most 3 oz per time. I am really really happy and i hope that after starting solids next month (yesterday was her 5h month birthday)we won't need any bottles, except when i'm working. But how about pumping? Should i continue? I'm sure that the routine that i had increased so much my milk supply. Now i start avoiding 2 pumpings (5 times before). Is this going to dicrease my supply? I've heard tat after introducing to solids milk supply goes down dramatically. I don't want this to happen. You see, my goal was to bf her for 6 months and now i want for ever. Should i continue the routine i had. Does it matter that i avoid pumping 2 times?