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Thread: Need to get back to breast 100%

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    My baby is now 8 days old, and we were both on IVs in the hospital because of an infection, so we had to start a bit of bottle in the hospital. Then, my milk didn't come in until day 5 and we were having problems latching on, and so they suggested more bottle to keep her from being hungry. Now I have milk and I make it a point that she feeds from 15-45 min. before taking the bottle (however much she will take), but she just is too hungry to stick with breast only. Today she seemed to take the breast longer (abt 1 hr) and drink less formula, but would not stay asleep without that formula. The pediatrician told me not to tire her out and to limit breastfeeding to 10 min. per breast, but I don't want to be giving both formula and breast forever. Will it be impossible for me to get her 100% on the breast? I don't want her to be hungry and upset. How can I safely make the transition? I don't care about my lack of sleep, etc., I just want to do it. Please help.

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    There is a nice webpage on kellymom.com on weaning from supplements. You need to do it slowly so that your milk supply gets a chance to catch up. But, it absolutely can be done.

    Look here:

    Good luck!

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    I disagree. Honestly the formula is already throwing off your supply. The sooner you lose it the better. The baby wont go as long or sleep as long when exclusively breastfed so you need to let go of the idea that it's about not getting enough milk. A health Breastfed newborn will eat every 1-3hours around the clock. The reason the baby goes longer when fed formula is because it doesn't absorb as well and take the baby longer to digest. Also this happening is causing your body to produce less. Because if you lost the supplements you would be bringing the baby to your breast twice as often as you are. So I would suggest over the course of the next 5day one feeding a day don't supplemet. ANd if it means the baby stays on the breast for an hour straight or want to eat again in an hour so be it. So tomorrow do that once Tuesday do it twice ect. By Fri you should be close and then over the weekend when you have the support of your DH you can have a "Nurse in" where you just keep the baby with ypu in bed skin to skin and just nurse on demand all weekend and have your DH bring you stuff to eat and drink and maybe change some diapers for you. You could be back to the breast in a week. But as you said you need to be prepared for the fact that for the next 5-7 weeks this will pretty much be all that you do. Newborns are working around the clock to regulate their mother's milk supply. So this is normal.Please don't think that because your baby only sleeps in hour or two hour intervals or wants tp stay latched for an hour at a time that there is something wrong with your milk. Sleep when your baby sleeps. Good luck.

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    don't be afaid to call your local lll leader she can help over the phone beter then we can on-line...heres how to find a leader in the usa
    Heres a link to find a lc or an iblc

    The way to know that baby is getting the milk it needs is to count diapars.

    how much formula were you adding to each feed?
    there are a few things that can help to increse supply a leader could tell you more about that.
    most newborns want to nurse 12 times in 24 hours.. anything over that and you might be having some problems that can be fixed. And if the baby isn't having wets and poops you realy need to get help fast!

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    I would recommend taking to you bed with your little one. every time she needs to feed, breastfeed her. The only way to build up your milk supply is to feed, feed and more feed. If you can get someone to feed you and supply you with fluid that would be great. Get a good book. or the tv remote and do nothing but feed. You will not run out of milk and she will not go hungry. Feed till she drops off ( to sleep. Let her) when she wakes feed some more. you are then rested and she is rested and full (well at least for 1/2 hour!lol)
    Best wishes
    Please remember her tummy is very tiny and does not need a great amount of liquid in one sitting, just little and often.

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