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Thread: What are your lo's eating???

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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    Oh! Trader Joe's! I so miss Trader Joe's!!! There were several where we lived in Maryland...alas...no TJ's in TN!!! So sad!!
    We just moved from St Louis to rural Tennessee. Oh how I miss my Trader Joe's and my Whole Foods.... sigh.....

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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    No, we don't have a trader joe's...we dont have any good grocery stores nearby

    Evin- as far as what kind of squash, I'm not really sure, I dont know the different varieties...so it helps to hear everyone else's favorites and how they cook them.

    freeresponse- thanks for the ideas, I will have to try them!

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    For "summer" squashes like zucchini and yellow squash, I usually rub them with olive oil and sprinkle on some thyme, then bake (I just use our toaster oven) at 350 until soft. If you're introducing cheese, I personally think that zucchini prepared as above, but with a think slice of jarlsberg or other swiss cheese is just divooon

    I like to split orange "winter" squashes like butternut, remove seeds, rub the flesh with some butter and then sprinkle with some cinnamon and brown sugar (if you're not introducing sugar yet, skip it) and bake at 375 until soft. Yumm!

    For white and yellow "winter" squash, I'll prepare them with olive oil and a mixture of oregano, thyme and sage. Same as above, remove seeds, bake.

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    Evin- thanks so much!! I'll write that down so that I can start experimenting!

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    ~To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world~

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    Age: One year

    Age when he started solids: a little cereal at 4 months because he looked like he wanted some, then didn't start in earnest until 6 months.

    What he'll eat:

    Cheerios (sometimes)
    Cheddar cheese*
    Macaroni and cheese*
    Grapes (cut up; he loves these and spits out the skins when he's done; he won't touch them skinned)
    Green beans (sometimes, but only canned)
    Graham crackers
    Cheese crackers (once because a little girl was sharing)
    Chili (no joke)
    Ramen noodles (no broth)

    What we've tried and failed at:

    Sweet potatoes
    Butternut squash
    Rice cereal
    Infant oatmeal
    Chicken and rice (the canned stuff)
    Biter biscuits
    Applesauce (with and without cinnamon)
    Freeze-dried strawberries and bananas

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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    How Old : 8 months 3 weeks

    When did you start: 5 months 2 weeks

    First Food: Rice cereal. He wouldn't nurse in the morning when I had plenty of milk and would want to nurse a lot in the afternoon when I don't have as much. Since he doesn't take a bottle, cup, sippy, finger feeder, SNS, etc. we had to find a way to give him the BM I pump in the morning in the afternoon. So came the rice cereal although I didn't want to give him that. Unfortunately, it is still his main solid food since the BF issues still continue.

    What he eats:
    Most days nothing but BM, bananas and cereal. But I have tried giving him various fruits and vegetables. Other than bananas he hates all fruit, we tried apples in the forms of homemade puree, jarred baby food, apple sauce and he gags on all. We also tried pears, plums, apricots, peaches and he hated them all. He eats avocados fine although I'm not sure if it's a fruit or a vegetable
    He takes vegetables OK. Peas, sweet potatoes, green beans, winter squash, zucchini all cooked with onions, tomatoes, coconut oil and beef. In fact if I put beef in them maybe he would eat fruits too He loves beef. Pureed in his vegetables or just plain cooked beef, he loves them all. I also tried giving him lentil soup which he didn't like much.
    He loved feta cheese and yogurt but then got a diarrhea so we are in the process of testing whether he is allergic to dairy or just got a virus.

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    Wow, reading the responses to this post makes me wonder why I'm so paranoid about solids. We have started them but VERY slowly and everything is plain. I would love to give DS foods that I eat but he hasn't had much yet and I want to make sure there aren't any adverse reactions (not sure why I'm so paranoid about this, DH and I aren't allergic to ANY foods). Anyway, here's a list (albeit short) of what DS has had so far....

    How old: 7.5 months

    When did you start: 6.5 months

    First Food: Avocado

    What we've tried so far (homemade):
    Sweet Potato

    We've been alterating fruit/veggie, but DS LOVES banana. I try to give him a new food and if he doesn't seem to like it too much, I mix in some banana. We want to follow a baby-led approach but he just looks at the food on his tray and play with it. Of course, he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth right now EXCEPT the food! So I give him some off my finger because he's not a fan of the spoon.

    Question for you all: How often are you giving your LO solids? I'm just feeding DS solids once a day right now. The rest of the day he gets BM.

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    Oh FFS!

    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    Great thread.

    how old?? 8 months 3? weeks (7/15/06)
    when did you start?? 6.5 months
    first food?? avocado
    what else have you given??
    rice cereal
    sweet potato
    scrambled eggs
    green peas (gerber organic)
    chicken, really soft small pieces

    Tonight we had brown rice pilaf and poached flounder, she loved the flounder. I'm pretty much at the point where I let her try whatever we're eating for dinner.

    I'm sure there's more I'm missing, but the brain can only function for so long before it starts to shut down.

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    Default Re: What are your lo's eating???

    desperate, how about mixing the fruit with bm? or fruit in cereal??

    terpingmom....i was (still am somewhat ) the same way....we did one food per week for quite awhile....then i started to relax alittle....

    i think lunch was the last meal i added.....and sometimes still skip if he isnt in the mood....i thnk the best way is to offer.....either they want it or they dont....
    as far as just playing with the food, sometimes if you give them a taste they realize what it is they are playing with....
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